PUBGMMASTER Bypass PUBG Emulator New 0.16.5 | Season 11 | 100% Working

PUBGMMASTER Bypass PUBG Emulator New 0.16.5 | Season 11 | 100% Working

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I have cracked new bypass ..... for you guys.... lets Start....  first uninstall gameloop ... open services 

and windows button + r   ... regedit...and del tencent under

make copy of pubg.apk  then del all folders belong to tencent or gameloop...
after isntall copy pubg.apk file back to temp/shared folder.. then follow this..

copy all .apk files to the same folder as i did...

no clean pc by my file... watch every step very very important.... this video will be little longer then before 

so watch each and every step carefully..
no need to follow these steps just did for testing/....

now install gameloop again....dont skip anything :-o...... SUbscribe Now !!!

now copy ui to your drive where you installed the gameloop

to save time just follow me .....
dont skip anything....

open these apps to fake id
take any device with 4.4.2 version of andriod
now we are ready for bypass...
change host file. under c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc
done.. now run emulator first..verify settings.. then close 

now change drive id by this file any number ... then change mac id of network adaptor... install tmac

find Up Opreational .. random then change ... network will be open emulator... 

now run pubgm bypass file run as admin... game will run auto...DONE

if keys not work do this and reset.. then save... first 3 to 5 id will be ban then it will be ok....

use guest accounts first when stop getting banned just login with any id ...

dont use your main id first ....
once get banned change mac id by TMAC & Drive id very impo.... then all will be good..
after not getting banned you will be able to play with main id..... Enjoy .....Like...Subscribe for more

Coming hacks with safe magic Good Luck.......Wait

close it like this even you get banned ...... Follow steps very imp..... BYe.. if any question just comment under this...........

Tencent Emulator Download : Download

Để Fix 98 % sau khi sử dụng bypass . thì trước

khi bypass chúng ta coppy thư muc

AOW_Rootfs   ra ngoài , sau khi chơi xong

chúng ta chèn lại 


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